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2020 Moonbeaming Online Workshop by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Modern Women Visual Magic Many Moons Lunar Living


2020’s Moonbeaming Online course is here! Taught by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, the material in the Moonbeaming Online Course has been developed over the past 13 years (by Sarah), and is founded in magic, witchcraft, mindful meditation, feminist self-help, and non-religious spirituality. Students can tailor and personalize the discussions and exercises to their own personal practice and pace. In this course, you will receive exclusive content that includes worksheets, meditations, Tarot pulls, spells, audio recordings of each class, and more.

During this course, Sarah Faith Gottesdiener aims to enhance your personal magical practice, and specifically introduce and immerse you into living with the cycles of the Moon. The Moonbeaming Online Course will help you create your own magic in your day-to-day life. This course will focus on the 5 major phases of the Moon: Full, Waning, Dark, New, and Waxing. The subtleties of each Moon phase will be introduced and analyzed, and you will learn ways to work with each phases’ energy– magically, spiritually, and practically.

All levels of practice are welcome. For some, this may be a beginning into a spiritual or magical practice. For others, this course can serve as a gentle yet immersive focus on yourself and your dreams as you go through the year. This self-study is designed to support you as you deepen your own practice and intuition.

Students interested in the Moonbeaming Online Workshop should begin the class with one or two issues or themes they’re looking to explore. Clear goals—such as self love, forgiveness, boundaries, etc.—that can be measured and tracked, are key to benefitting from the Moonbeaming Online Course. Those goals can be defined anyway but there must be a path of attainment that can be measured. We will be taking a holistic, 360-degree approach to the nuances of each Moon phase and how we work with them in our magic; each segment of the Moon phase will require an action towards your specific goal.

Students will receive over 100 pages of worksheets, supplementary material from herbalists, other amazing teachers and witches about astrology, working with your period, your lunar type, and the herbs of the moon. Participants will receive 5 exclusive + custom meditations, and 10+ hours of lecturing from Sarah Faith Gottesdiener, plus transcripts of all for those who are deaf and hard of hearing.  

The classes are live, but are recorded, and all participants will be able to access them. All material is yours to keep forever.  

If you choose, you will have access to an accountability buddy in your time zone. 

Moon time is spiral time: there is no “right” or “wrong” way to experience or connect. This online course will ask you to make the needed changes in your psyche and life, and connect you to your mind, body, and spirit more deeply. Even if you only do the bare minimum that is required of you in this course, you will see shifts and changes in your life.

*PLEASE NOTE we will NOT be diving deeply into astrology and menstrual cycles/bleeding during this course. Sarah is not an astrologer, nor is she a medical professional. However we WILL be including supplemental materials on these topics! An astrologer will be providing a packet on your Moon sign and moon signs in general. An acupuncturist, who recently published a book on periods, will be providing content on your hormones, how to track them, and work with your period. So these topics will be addressed by those who have expertise in them.*

Materials: For this online course you will need a journal, a pen, and a Tarot or oracle deck. If you feel called to participate in spells and rituals, other materials will be needed, but these are very flexible. Materials will be hosted on HighTail and lectures on Zoom. You will need access to the internet. We do ask students have basic computer literacy to take this course (knowledge of how to download files, etc.). 

Time Commitment: You will need about 2 hours a week for the class, and at least 1-3 hours additionally each week for journaling, rituals, and other self-development activities.

The recordings, meditations, Tarot pulls, worksheets, and supplementary materials are yours to keep forever. Due to the nature of the content provided in the course, refunds are not offered. We have sliding scale tuition options for BIPOC students only. A limited amount of payment plans are available: please email the studio directly to inquire at modernwomenprojects@gmail.com. [SLIDING SCALE AND PAYMENT PLANS OFFERINGS HAVE SOLD OUT!]

Below is a basic course outline and overview of dates and times for the live sessions, as well as a brief course overview:

Monday, March 9th 2020

6 pm – 8 pm PST

All About the Moon: traditions, metaphors, the moon in history, the Moon in magic. We will discuss living in Moon time, and all the different ways we can work with the Moon.

Monday, March 16th 2020

6 pm – 8 pm PST

The Moon and You: spell work, ritual, and the subconscious. The Moon as a guide to your internal rhythms. Suggestions on how to work through one full Moon cycle. Ways in which to integrate change through mind, body, spirit, and magic.

Monday, March 23rd 2020

6 pm – 8 pm PST

New Moon: all about the New Moon. Ways to work with these intentional and seeding energy.

Monday, March 30th 2020

6 pm – 8 pm PST

Waxing Moon: all about this phase. Our energy, our actions. Suggestions on building spells and attracting spells.

Monday, April 6th 2020

6 pm – 8 pm PST

Full Moon: All about the Full Moon. Ways to work with her energy—practical and magical. Tarot cards that resonate with this very potent phase of the Moon. Suggested spells/activities.

Monday, April 13th 2020

6 pm – 8 pm PST

Waning Moon- to Dark Moon: all about the waning Moon/ dark Moon energy. Ways to work with these phases—practical and magical. Tarot cards that resonate with this phase of the Moon. Supported activities during this time.

Who This Workshop Is For:

Empowered individuals who are ready to experience their own magic.

Anyone wishing to deeply commit to a lunar practice, in a supportive environment, for the 6-weeks of the course.

Anyone who is unsure about how to work through an entire Moon cycle in a focused, consistent fashion.

Anybody hoping to introduce and integrate more spirituality and intuition into their daily life.

Anyone desiring tools, techniques, and suggestions from a seasoned, practicing, feminist witch.

Anyone wishing to go inward, to reset and recommit to themselves and their dreams.

Anybody who is ready and willing to make changes in their life in service of their dreams.

Someone who is ready to live more in tune with their own natural rhythms and cycles.

Anybody who is ready to focus on their intuition, their desires, and dreams.

Who This Workshop Is Not For:

Those seeking mentorship or individual guidance from Sarah. Please sign-up for a Tarot reading if you’re looking for personal inquiries or guidance that’s specific to your life only.

Anyone who feels like they cannot learn from live lectures, worksheets, Tarot pulls, and/or an assigned partner.

Anybody who is not an independent learner or who is not ready to look at their shadow, face some fears, and move forward in one or more areas of their life.

Anyone who is not committed to making changes in their life, taking chances, and developing their intuition.

Anyone who wants to know solely about lunar astrology—we will touch upon astrology, but Sarah is not an astrologer, and so that will not be the focus of the course at all.

Anybody who follows a “love and light”, patriarchal, heteronormative way of looking at magic and spirituality.

Those looking to dip in and out of working on their dreams, goals, and practice. This a class for those with clear goals in regards to their self work.

Students Will Receive… 

– 6 live classes with Sarah, which will include a live lecture, answers to questions, and a going over of each suggested Moon phase homework and exercises. Please note that those who cannot make it will get a link to an audio recording of class within 24-48 hours.

– Worksheets and journaling exercises designed exclusively for each phase of the Moon.

– 2 e-mails delivered each week, for 6 weeks — 1 to keep you grounded in your process, and 1 that answers general feedback and questions from the class.

Bespoke Tarot spreads to supplement your New or Full Moon ritual.

– 5 custom meditations created and recorded exclusively for this online workshop, for each phase of the Moon.

– An assigned accountability buddy, if you choose to have one, who you can lean on for support and help for the 6 weeks (and maybe even beyond!).

Supplemental materials on periods/menstrual cycles, herbs of the moon, and lunar astrology from 3 experienced experts.


– PLEASE double-check the spelling of your email when checking out. This is the ONLY way we can contact you about your purchase and the course.

– The play-back recordings, meditations, Tarot pulls, and worksheets are yours to keep forever. You will have a limited time after the last online workshop to download these materials.

– Due to the nature of the content provided in the course, refunds are not offered.

– Sliding scale tuition for BIPOC folks only are available. Please contact the studio via email to learn more: modernwomenprojects@gmail.com [SLIDING SCALE OFFERINGS HAVE SOLD OUT!]

– Limited payment plan options are available. Please contact the studio via email to learn more: modernwomenprojects@gmail.com. [THE PAYMENT PLAN OFFERING HAS SOLD OUT!]

– For deaf or hard of hearing students, we provide transcripts of each weekly course and meditation. Zoom also has the ability to “phone in” a translator, so that is an option if you have one. 

– If you are buying this course as a gift, please input the recipient’s email address during checkout so they can receive the course materials and communication.

To learn more about this upcoming online workshop, sign up for the Moonbeaming newsletter by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener below.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the only Moonbeaming Online Course for 2020.


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