Wheel of Fortune

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When the Wheel of Fortune card comes up, we know things in our lives are in movement. Even if we can’t tell which way the winds are turning, we know that if we are to expand in the direction we wish to, we must focus on our center & surrender to the universe’s timing.

On episode 19 of Strange Magic, Amanda & I discuss key 10 & what to do to help Goddess take the wheel of your life.

In this episode we discuss the symbolism & archetypes of the card, Jupiter, Fortuna, spiders, revolution, fate, synchronicities, the wheel of the year, surrender, making your own luck, geography as destiny, how to stay on your path, & much, much more.

I also share 2 Wheel of Fortune ways I’ve used to make decisions & run my business- that have helped me & that I hope help you.There’s even a bonus (tincture) drinking game that you can try to make all the wheel puns a bit more fun!

Tune in if you want a different deep dive into this card, or if you could just use some tips to find your own center.

Listen to the podcast here. 

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