The Future MLPS Elemental Intuition Workshop


Join me in Minneapolis for my weekend workshop at The Future**! We examine, discuss, and experiment with our intuition through the lens of the different elements: water, earth, air, and fire. We will also focus on the minor arcana of the Tarot—the ace through tens of each suit—to bolster our learnings.

During the weekend, students will participate in various exercises, group discussions and sharing surrounding Tarot and the elements. We will be utilizing physical movement and somatics, creativity, and various forms of breathing as tools and portals into new ways of experiencing ourselves and the world.

Throughout the workshop, students will be able to connect to different parts of themselves, connect to the group, and connect to their Tarot cards more deeply.

For each element, we’ll also discuss helpful ways of being in that element, and practical ways to call this element into our life as a form of support. Each element will also have a guided meditation that we will explore.

Please note: you must be available for the entire weekend in order to sign up—see it as a mini-retreat! If you’d like to do a payment plan, please email The Future at

**This workshop will take place off-site, in a space that has stairs leading to the basement bathroom.

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