Strange Magic Podcast | The High Priestess & Intuition Workshop

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Join the Strange Magic podcast crew as we work with the archetype of the High Priestess to create magical, practical, and conceptual tools to help you enhance your intuition and learn how to trust it.

This workshop is designed to help you welcome in more trust, as well as provide a wealth of resources for you to incorporate into your daily practice.

The much-beloved High Priestess has been simultaneously exalted and misunderstood. Maybe your relationship with your intuition has at time felt the same.

Every person has their own unique intuition. Not everyone has been given loving and supportive tools around accessing, listening, and trusting our intuitive voice.

If you are interested in learning more about this archetype, and how we can work with the High Priestess energetically, magically, conceptually, and practically in connecting to our own deep, inner knowing, this workshop is for you!

The workshop consists of a live lecture/call via Zoom, and a digital download with pages of worksheets, spells, practical tips, and a meditation.

If you can’t make the workshop, you will have access to the recording, and a transcript, a couple of days later.

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