September 2019 New Moon

New Moon September 2019 by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Original Artwork Modern Women Many Moons Visual Magic

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Not everyone will appreciate your many gifts. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, or are shameful. That doesn’t mean they are unworthy of sharing.

Not everyone will understand the songs of love you sing; the rose quartz colored satin sheets of your sweet heart, sweetheart. That doesn’t mean you should cage those free birds up or turn your sonatas into a silent whisper.

You are worthwhile, no matter who or who isn’t paying attention.
Your gifts are worth nurturing, developing, and appreciating.

There’s a New Moon on Saturday the 28th: the only one this month, the only one quite like this, ever. There are billions of people around the globe who won’t even know, won’t even notice. That doesn’t mean this New Moon didn’t ever happen. That doesn’t mean this New Moon doesn’t matter.

There are billions of people on this planet who don’t ever look up. It isn’t your job to tilt each and every one of their heads. That isn’t an optimal use of your energy.

This Libra season may be highlighting who is with you as you offer up the various forms of your love, and who can’t quite keep up with your intimate offerings. This cycle could also be highlighting how you are regarding certain aspects of yourself, and where it is time to try another take. Cruelty directed at the self is a fool’s errand. At the end of the day, there’s just you, alone and miserable, holding a deflated balloon that you couldn’t even enjoy when it was buoyant.

Be kind, kittens. The benefit of the doubt is a lovely tool—especially when used on yourself! If there are relationships in your life that are teaching you, let them. Let the people in your life show you how they care. Enjoy the love of your community. Communicate your needs clearly. Let what needs to fall away, fall away. In all ways.

New Moons are a beautiful reminder that we can always begin again. We have endless chances to make different choices. We have endless opportunities to see ourself, and the relationships in our life, in different and illuminating ways.

You are worthwhile, no matter what. Pay attention.

Happy New Moon!

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