Opening Up to the Hermit


Welcoming in the Hermit card is a beautiful experience.

There is so much to learn about our own spirituality and our own path when we spend time with this archetype.

On this week’s episode of on Strange Magic we take a very deep dive into major arcana number 9: The Hermit.
Amanda Yates Garcia, my co-host, and I,  cover a lot of ground: we talk Ancient Greek myths, revisioning the hermit as the crone, revising what it means to be “spiritual”, the hermit as a punk rock prototype & more.
I attempt to “romance the hermit” by talking about how if you get the hermit it does NOT mean you are destined to be single—& discuss what it actually might mean for you if you ARE looking for love & you pull this card.

We give shout outs to Leonard Cohen, Mary Oliver, death doulas, Diogenes the dog, cocoons, & my friends @magichourastrology & @spirit.speak .

There is a LOT we go through in this episode- I suggest you give it a listen if you love this card, if you hate this card, or if you are interested in deepening your relationship to the divine.

Listen to Strange Magic here. 

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