Intention Setting for New Cycles: A Workshop with Strange Magic Podcast

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Intention Setting for New Cycles:
A Workshop with Amanda Yates Garcia & Sarah Faith Gottesdiener

Clarifying your intentions for the year, and performing ceremony to “bake those intentions in,” is an ideal way to empower yourself to create the life you want in 2019.

At the beginning of the year, we are galvanized. We get a fresh start!

As every witch knows, all magic begins with setting our intentions. Without clear intentions, we’re unlikely to get very far. But when we create measurable, achievable goals the world opens up for us because we know exactly where we’re going and what we need to do to get there.

New Year’s ceremonies provide us with an opportunity to regroup. Now is the time to take stock of the lessons we learned in the previous year, the opportunities we seized, the things we lost, and set ourselves back into balance.

Using Tarot to help you set your intentions is a helpful because the Tarot helps you focus your experiences so that they are manageable.

Tarot provides us with a way to re-frame our intentions so that they speak to the mythic, archetypal, spiritual essence of our lives. Setting intentions is just more inspiring and fun when you use Tarot to do it!

Using the Tarot as a guide and magical practices every witch (and witch adjacent person) can enjoy. Join Sarah Faith Gottesdiener and Amanda Yates Garcia in their first Strangely Magical online workshop of 2019.

This Workshop Includes:

A one-hour online workshop with Sarah and Amanda to help you…

  • Identify and understand how to work with Tarot in your year.
  • Create effective intentions for 2019.
  • Maximize your development potential for the coming year.
  • Anticipate and overcome obstacles in 2019.
  • Recognize hidden opportunities available to you in the coming year.
  • Utilize your own unique gifts to make 2019 your best year yet.
  • Ritual Instructions for Intention Setting Ceremony for 2019.
  • Ritual Instructions for a Releasing Ceremony for 2018.
  • PDF document describing how to calculate your birth card (soul card), and how to calculate the card for each year.

Instructions to sign up: visit the Modern Women online shop to purchase your ticket.


How can I buy this as a gift for someone?
Great question! This class makes an excellent gift at the perfect price point for a friend. All you have to do is purchase the class as you normally would, and use your friend’s email at check out instead of your own. Simply forward the confirmation to your friend with a sweet message. Your holiday/birthday/just-because-I-love-you shopping is done!

Can I get a refund if I change my mind, don’t use, or don’t like the workshop?
The Strange Magic team works hard to provide good value for the courses we create and DO NOT offer refunds for short courses. If you purchase this item, it’s because you trust us to offer you something of value and want to support us in return. We encourage you to take responsibility for your purchasing decisions. If you’re worried you might not like the course material, please continue to enjoy our free podcast, our free newsletters, and our free social media posts. When you feel ready to purchase, we’ll be here.

What if I can’t be present for the online portion of the course?
It’s totally no problem if you can’t make the online workshop. We’ll send you a link so you can revisit the workshop as many times as you like. You will still, of course, also have access to the course materials, an audio replay, and transcriptions by the following Tuesday. It will be made clear to you how to use them both through the written instructions and through the workshop replay.

Will Sarah or Amanda be available to answer personal questions I have about the course material?
We are going to make certain to provide you with everything you need to get the most out of this course. If you have technical questions, feel free to email us. If you’d like to have further support, please book a reading with either one (or both!) of us to get your own private session where we can discuss the cards to your lovely heart’s content. Other than that, the Strange Magic team won’t be able to answer questions about the cards or intention setting privately for you without compensation. Thanks for understanding!

I’m deaf or hard of hearing, will the online workshop be captioned?
Yes! We can do this. We just need to know well in advance of the online workshop in order to make sure we get a translator for you. Please let us know at if you are hearing impaired and we will do everything we can to meet your needs. Thank you!

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  1. Elle says on January 24, 2019

    Is there any, any way at all you could make the downloads available for a few more days? This went to my spam folder and I just saw it today. I hate to be one of “those witches” but I would really really love to do the course and I can’t download because I just found it in my spam.

    Pretty please?

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