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2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner by Modern Women Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Visual Magic Lunar Planner and Workbook

Modern Women is thrilled to introduce the next installment in the Many Moons series, the Lunar Planner for 2020!

This magical planner follows the Gregorian 2020 calendar year, with all magic holidays, observed holidays & bank holidays for the USA (Northern Hemisphere). It also has every Moon phase and sign the Moon is in for 2020, with monthly and weekly views. Within the planner, there is ample space to write, and along the way there are gentle reminders of activities according to each Moon phase.

We have commissioned 13 different witches, Tarot readers, astrologers, and herbalists to write an exclusive piece on how to harness the energy of each Full Moon of 2020. Contributor writings include either a custom spell, a Tarot pull, ritual, or journaling exercise. This year’s contributors include: Angela Mary Magick, Ariel Gore, Babette Burrell, Diego Basdeo, Edgar Fabián Frías, Grace Duong, Latham Thomas of Mama Glow, Maria Vashakidze of Seagrape bath + body, Mary Evans, Mystical Mandrake Root, Ylvadroma Marazanna Radziszewski, and Zaneta Sykes.

– The planner is 7” x 9”, spiral bound, with a beautiful and unique cover.
– Approximately 275 pages, black and white printing on the interior.
– This planner is self-published locally in California.

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2020 Many Moons Lunar Planner by Modern Women Sarah Faith Gottesdiener Visual Magic Lunar Planner and Workbook

(unsolicited) P R A I S E

“I received my Many Moons Planner today and I was blown away. It’s so thoughtfully curated and stunning to look at! I wanted to make sure I took time to express my gratitude for sharing your work with the world […] this planner is going to really allow me to slow down and take some time for me.”

“I want to thank you for putting together a fantastic planner/calendar. This is going to revolutionize the way I plan my year.”

“I want you to know that yesterday I opened my mailbox to my gorgeous Lunar Planner. She is magnificent […] I so appreciate all your work and love that has gone into the planner. It will be by my side all next year.”

“I have been getting great benefit from your planner! Having a few big dreams/goals/desires and then questioning whether what is going into my planner daily is in service of these is so wonderful!”

Many Moons Workbooks by Modern Women

This is a magical workbook like no other. It has changed lives many times over. Using magic, energy work, Tarot spreads and archetypes, gentle reminders, self-help ideas and journaling prompts – this workbook utilizes the phases of the Moon in real time to get you anchored, in touch with your intuition, and on your path with more intention, and more results.

This workbook, created over 2 years ago, was born out of a workshop I began teaching over 4 years ago. Much of the current New Age thought and information out there about Moon phase work has been informed by Many Moons.

Volume 2 2018 was the last workbook. There will be no more Many Moons Workbooks– it was a 3 year project. Please stay tuned for a forthcoming, evergreen Many Moons book from St. Martin’s Press. 

Many Moons Volume 2 2018 by Modern Women
You can purchase the benefit edition of Many Moons Volume 2 2018 from LuLu.com.

Thank you so much for the overwhelming love and support for the last Many Moons Workbook.

As of September 2018, we’ve raised $6500.00 for Black Lives Matter and the National Bail Out Collective by your purchase of this workbook.

Many Moons Workbooks by Modern Women | Sarah Gottesdiener

(unsolicited) P R A I S E

The following are messages I have received from people who have been working with the first workbook.

“Today was day 9 of the Right Work Spell. I had even written in my day planner, “It’s day 9. What new opportunities do I have today?” Well, this morning, I woke up to an email offer for another freelance project. The spell worked! I’m a magick newb, so this was really exciting.”

“I have been using the workbook and am experiencing wonderful results. I appreciate the work that went into this project/product. So thank you. Over and over again.”

“I cannot thank you enough for the guidance and wisdom you have put in your workbook. I feel that it was exactly what I needed to bring about healing for me, and possibly a new chapter for me.”

“Through your advice, and listening to my own intuition, I have confronted my insecurities, and have taken leaps and bounds to shed them. The moon has given me so much courage to live the life I know is truest to myself and my desires and dreams. It’s been amazing to see the shift in my life now that my mindset has changed. I am so grateful to have met you along this journey of mine, and for all the help you have given me. I feel like I’m finally living my truest life and I can’t thank you enough for helping me find the way this point.”

“Thanks for putting it out into reality it’s really been a life changer…I had been doing moon rituals on my own but I bought your book and invited some friends to get together for new and full moon rituals and since have met incredible women and introduced friends to new friends. It’s given us all something that was missing in ourselves and our lives.”


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