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    Saturday October 22nd // 6:00 – 9:00 pm

    At Homestead Apothecary 

    Curious about the Tarot?

    Not sure where to get started? Had a deck for a while but can’t seem to put the guide book down fully and move forth solely on your intuition and insights alone?

    This workshop is for you.

    In this 3 hour workshop, we will go over the basic set-up of the Major, Minors, and Court Cards, but mostly, we will participate in a series of prompts designed to get you to immerse yourself in the experience that is Tarot.

    This is NOT your average 101 workshop where every single card is gone over. This is a workshop about intuition using different tools you can draw upon to deepen your relationship with your deck.

    Bring a deck and a paper and something to write with. Bring a friend if you are shy, as we will be doing partner work!




Moonbeaming at Homestead Apothecary Moonbeaming at Homestead Apothecary 

Sunday October 23rd // 6:30 – 9:00 pm


To many religions, the Moon represents the Female aspect of Divinity, shining softly and brightly.

Understanding the phases of the moon is helpful to any modern mystic, to any woman, and person—as our closest celestial neighbor, ruler of the tides, and a gentle guide to our own intuitive cycles. The moon is a powerful force circling round our planet, and harnessing her energy is a natural step when thinking about our own dreams and goals.

In this workshop we will discuss scientific facts about the moon, become familiar with its 8 different cycles, and discuss the symbolic importance of the moon in different cultures. We will go over basic types of manifestation work and spells as they pertain to the four key different moon cycles. Different magickal ingredients, spells, and incantations will be discussed.

We will end the workshop with a short guided meditation and group spell pertaining to the Moon phase occurring that day.

This course is intended for curious individuals, and for those practitioners who want to focus on using the power and energy of the moon in their meditations, manifestations, and spell casting.




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