Sarah Faith lives and works in Los Angeles. Sarah is an artist, designer, writer, teacher and Tarot Reader. Her artwork and design is based in the spiritual, feminist, and mystical. Her design clients range from corporate, to non-profit, to small businesses. For the past 3 years she has been writing and publishing the cult classic workbooks Many Moons. Sarah teaches workshops in her local LA as well as the Bay, New York, Salem, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Sarah currently contributes on-line Lunar insights and Tarot topics to Of The Wolves, Little Red Tarot, and Astrology.com. She has been reading and studying various aspects of the cards for twelve years—having studied and practiced for seven years before taking clients.  She sees the Tarot as a beautiful visual map of our collective journey: where one is at, where one has been, and where one is going to be. Her readings are focused on the most information that you need to hear, in this moment, in order to get feedback about your present situation and make changes in the service of your best self. Sarah Faith believes in the power of hearing issues, questions, and dreams mirrored back to oneself in the service of affirmation and transformation. Tarot creates a sacred space of reflection and expansion.

For the past five years, Sarah Faith has been giving Tarot readings professionally with one-on-one clients, for workplace teams, and events. Her accurate, compassionate, and practical readings are in the service of healing and help. She considers it a huge gift and honor to be able to tell strangers sacred truths about their unique paths and evolution! Readings with Sarah are a safe space for emotions, processing, and figuring it out.

Sarah also leads workshops on a variety of different metaphysical topics. Moonbeaming, Tarot, Intuition 101 and Moon Money Magic are her current offerings. You can read a review of one of her workshops here. 

She publishes the Many Moons Workbook and feminist swag which you can check out and purchase here. 


“Thank you for one of the most incredible readings I’ve ever received. I knew I was on the precipice of a new chapter in my life, but was convinced it would take a year or more to begin. You knew it would be coming much sooner, and suggested that I watch for the signs. Within days of my reading, I had two amazing new opportunities drop from the sky — doing work I love with people I love. Thank you, thank you for your tremendous guidance and insight!”
— Lauren, Salem, MA

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for my incredible reading today and tonight’s workshop! I feel like I have a whole new understanding of the moon and what it means for my practice. I feel empowered and enriched and so excited about continuing my journey!

You’re a one of a kind and I feel really blessed to of learned from you. thank you again for everything –  I am not adequately expressing my gratitude, but today was life changing to say the least.”
—Maddie C., Salem Mass, Moonbeaming workshop participant and client

“Through your advice, and listening to my own intuition, I have confronted my insecurities, and have taken leaps and bounds to shed them. The moon has given me so much courage to live the life I know is truest to myself and my desires and dreams. It’s been amazing to see the shift in my life now that my mindset has changed. I am so grateful to have met you along this journey of mine, and for all the help you have given me. I feel like I’m finally living my truest life and I can’t thank you enough for helping me find the way this point. Thank you sweet Sarah, you are amazing!”
-Beth R., Michigan, Moonbeaming workshop participant

 “…I couldn’t be more excited to let you know that the hard work and personal space themes that came up in the reading, when applied, have been so integral to where I’m at now. I got accepted into acupuncture school and am starting on this cool new healing career path. Your reading was helpful for me to navigate  through everything, and pick out what was important. Thanks again!”
-Marion D., Los Angeles

“Thank you again for the best tarot reading ever!! It has given me the spark I needed to move onto the next phase of my personal growth.”
-Annie Y., San Francisco

“Sarah, the reading you gave was so damn powerful and aligning. I thank you. Feeling so appreciative and so lucky. THANK YOU.” -Margit A., Oakland

“Sarah’s intuition and insight are spot on. She speaks a clear version of the cards and literally draws a visual representation of your reading to take home, which is a great starting point for more meditation / manifestation. She was able to see exactly what was going on for me and even predict that I was going to meet an equitable romantic partner soon, and I did. 5 days later. SO good. A++”
– Iris P., Los Angeles

“Sarah has a true gift! Every time she does a reading for me it is accurate, insightful, and inspiring! “- Eden M, Los Angeles

“Over the course of a few readings with Sarah I’ve been struck by how her insights so closely parallel what I’ve been going through – whether challenging or exciting.

I always leave feeling incredibly affirmed because Sarah’s readings tend to uncover feelings that have remained subconscious. When uncovered during the reading I immediately recognize them as being true and can translate into personal insight and guidance.

I don’t go to a tarot reading for grand predictions, just to check in with feelings and energies that I’m not completely aware of. I’ve found Sarah’s readings to be incredibly illuminating and affirming in that respect.” – Jacob B., Los Angeles

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